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Dog Showers: A Summer Must for Your Home

Dog Showers: A Summer Must for Your Home

Summer is right around the corner and if your furry family member is anything like my dog, McLaren, that means upcoming days spent cooling off at the dog beach and taking in the sun outdoors.

It also means some new excitement for your home: muddy pawprints, sandy hair and the all-around-messes that come with having an active dog (big and small).

Just in time for the outdoor months, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite dog shower designs that make it easy to give your dog a rinse. These ascetically pleasing dog showers, both indoor and outdoor, are not only the latest trend in home décor, but are sure to add some extra value while making baths more comfortable for your pet.

  1. INDOOR “MUD” ROOMThe best place to shower a dog indoors? In the mud or laundry room to keep from tracking dirt throughout the house. The showers below are great inspiration, but there are a few design aspects you must include before designing your own: a detachable head, easy to clean surfaces, and a raised platform with a large enough area to fit your dog comfortably.
  1. KEEPING IT OUTDOORSWhile outdoor dog showers may not have the same aesthetic appeal as indoor, they offer an easy way to make sure your pet is clean even before stepping into the house.Outdoor steps are my recommended way of easily getting to your dog’s level for the wash.
  1. CLEAN APARTMENT MADE EASYNow this may not add to the overall look of your home, it sure is a simple method to keep it (and your dog) clean! The portable all-in-one system eliminates the clean-up that comes with washing the four-legged family member. Not to mention, it includes specially designed nozzles that get beneath the fur. Check it out on Amazon here.

Would you try this latest trend? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Garret Milligan

A lifelong resident of Rancho Santa Fe, Garret was raised in a family deeply integrated in the historic and vibrant community. Garret developed an affinity for the real estate industry at a young age by observing his mother—one of the community’s most successful real estate agents for more than 30 years—and learning the secrets to becoming a personable, yet results-oriented Realtor. He became the youngest partner in an elite luxury real estate legacy in ‘the Ranch’ in 2012 and quickly honed his skills, developed a vast network of industry resources, and built an impressive list of satisfied clients.

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