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Growing up Rancho Santa Fe

Growing up Rancho Santa Fe

Growing up Rancho Santa Fe

A story dating back over 70 years of history

It’s been said that, “the only constant in life is change.” This is certainly true in many facets of my life and career but not when it comes to my treasured hometown of Rancho Santa Fe. My family’s legacy in Rancho Santa Fe is a proud and lengthy one with over 70 years of history and generations of family members making their mark in the area. My allegiance and responsibility to my community are unwavering.

I’m excited to share my family’s story and personal connection to this extraordinary community.

The Family Beginnings dating 70+ Years

My family’s love for Rancho Santa Fe dates back to the late 1950s with my Great Grandparents, Vivian and Don Ryan, who were instantly enchanted by the private enclave, and bought a home on La Gracia, after vacationing and visiting dear friends, Verna and Warren Shipway, who were world-renowned Architects, designers, and Ranch residents.

A decade or so later, in 1972, my Mom’s family moved from La Jolla to the Ranch in an effort to accommodate both their growing family and extensive equestrian pursuits. My Grandfather was an active member of the Ranchero Visitadores, Campo Adolfo; and with each member of the family of six very involved in showing Quarter Horses, they wanted a property where they could keep and care for the horses at home.

They purchased what was then known as Fairview Farm on Lago Lindo, a beautiful 14-acre piece of heaven overlooking the reservoir, complete with stables, riding arena, several pastures and acres of Orange grove. The property was anchored by a sprawling Adobe home, complemented beautifully by an expansive backyard and pool. My grandparents entertained extensively, and the newly christened “6C Ranch” hosted more family holidays, celebration of friends, and charity gatherings than can be recounted.

Growing up RSF

My mom and dad eventually settled down in the Covenant, where I lived on many different streets (thanks to my mom being in real estate!) and I am eternally grateful for my parents keeping our roots in the community.

While my Mom attended The Bishops School in La Jolla, her sisters attended Rancho Santa Fe Elementary, a tradition carried on by my two brothers and me. I was one of the “few” lifers at R. Roger Rowe Rancho Santa Fe school, attending from kindergarten through eighth grade. Some of the teachers I had are still teaching there today.

Our legacy in this beloved community is a proud and lengthy one, and while the “landscape” has evolved and expanded, as decades of growth reflect, the integrity and character has been steadfastly maintained. My Father has been the Manager of the Rancho Riding Club for well over 25 years, and it’s still as lovingly protected today, as it was when my Mom and Aunts showed horses in the 70’s! Some of my favorite memories in RSF started with times at the Riding Club – driving the tractor and water trunk with my dad.

But Rancho Santa Fe is just that hometown where every corner brings fond flashbacks of childhood memories. I cannot visit the village without thinking of riding motorized scooters with friends around town, visiting the movie rental store called Flicks (now the Parcel Place) and picking out a movie for the weekend. The Annual Fourth of July parade has always been special for me; being a car enthusiast, I remember the excitement of watching cars enter the parade with their American flags.

A Community Made for Families to This Day

Rancho Santa Fe is a “small town” community to this day. Well-rounded academics, inter-family bonds and friendships that last generations, architectural history, golf course designed by Max Behr, beautiful ranches, and a plethora of restaurants and small businesses help define this place where my family planted roots long ago – just minutes from the coast.

My deeply rooted commitment to this area is well-established, and it is with that same loyalty and dedication that I represent, both, my profession and my clients. There is an expression that states, “the only constant in life, is change;” I, for one, disagree! My allegiance, responsibility and fidelity to this unique and unparalleled area is unwavering, and will continue to be so, moving forward.

That’s why I appreciate sharing my intimate knowledge as a lifelong resident with others. If you’re interested in the area, here is a look at some of my favorite properties available now. I’m always keeping a close eye on what properties are coming to market as well as land and development opportunities. Count on me to call Rancho Santa Fe home for generations to come.

Hot Properties in Fairbanks Ranch 

Hot Properties in the Covenant of RSF 

Hot Properties in The Crosby


Garret Milligan

A lifelong resident of Rancho Santa Fe, Garret was raised in a family deeply integrated in the historic and vibrant community. Garret developed an affinity for the real estate industry at a young age by observing his mother—one of the community’s most successful real estate agents for more than 30 years—and learning the secrets to becoming a personable, yet results-oriented Realtor. He became the youngest partner in an elite luxury real estate legacy in ‘the Ranch’ in 2012 and quickly honed his skills, developed a vast network of industry resources, and built an impressive list of satisfied clients.

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